Nov 14, 2012

Mr. D’s B’day Weekend! (#TT93)


Last Friday was D’s (my annoying-rock-headed-yet-lovable bf) birthday and since I went off from work earlier, we could spend more time together :)

We went to this Japanese restaurant named “Tampopo” and by the first second D saw it, he knew that he gotta try since he just watched a movie with the same title! In the movie they sell ramen as well, kinda like Bubba Gump Shrimp.


IMG_1010Crab ramen (the Japanese name sounds fancier but I just can’t remember :p)

IMG_1011Black pig ramen / Kurobuta ramen – best seller!!

IMG_1014Tonkatsu tako-layered (pork katsu combined with octopus – delish!)

I liked the food, but I would even enjoy it more if we could eat in peace! No, the place was not noisy or anything, but we were so in a hurry to catch a movie because SOMEONE forgot about the movie time =.= I literally gobbled that bowl within 15mins when it was still smoking hot!

We made the movie in time though. We watched Skyfall! I liked it! :D

After the movie, we headed to his place for some drink and present time!!

  IMG_1018Don’t judge about the packaging…

IMG_1025Plucking the “flower” :3

IMG_1029*drum rolls*

IMG_1038TA-DAAA!!! Nice bag, huh?? I love it!

The celebration didn’t end on that day. The next day, I threw him a birthday surprise by inviting a couple of our friends to our karaoke “date”. He was completely clueless hehe, which was perfect! After killing our throats, we headed for dinner and played a drinking game afterwards. I lost big time.. I’ll definitely do better the next time round! *evil laughs*


Thanks for reading!

Oh wait, before I end this post, let me just share 2 songs that I think are deserved to be listened.

I know, I know, I’ve posted these 2 before haha. But the lyrics are just motivational to me, and hopefully for all of you as well.

To birthday boy: Growing up has just begun, be grateful of what you have. Be grateful that you’re awake and alive each day.

I love you babe *wink*!

xo, Jo

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Sunny & Star said...

It looks like he had a wonderful birthday and the food looks delicious.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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