Oct 30, 2012

Give me some Pop! (#TT92)

Second single from TSwizzle, YAY! I simply love the video. I’m not sure where she shot this but I think it’s somewhere in Europe? Her outfits are the best, just look at that lilac dress! OMG, beautiful! Music wise, I think it’s very her style. I’ve actually listened to several song previews of her new album, RED, and well, I think she has done a good job in experimenting with new styles, but to me it just can’t beat her original style, which appears in this song. I’m getting myself a copy of RED this week! :D

CRJ’s latest single, “This Kiss”! I’ve first heard this song from 90210 and I think it’s a cute song. Very CRJ!

Just like how I discovered CRJ’s “This Kiss”, 90210 also introduced me to Sammy Adams! It’s just one of those songs that you can always dance to with your friends. I wish I had found it sooner!

Kelly Clarkson is unstoppable!!! Another powerful song that relates to many individuals =)

Alright, last week I posted a song by Alex Goot and this week let me introduce you to his good friends who are known as a band “Against The Current”. Alex and the band have been making a number of covers that are preeeety awesome. I really like the lead singer, Chrissy’s voice. It’s so powerful and it reminds me of Paramore and Versa Emerge. But still, they’re all different. Plus, she’s really pretty! I actually have 2 persons in my mind that I think resemble her face. First, the beautiful fashion blogger, Lovely Pepa and the cute Princesstard from the daily family vlogs, SHAYTARDS. Check them out and you’ll see what I see! Haha I suddenly got all excited to have found the resemblance of these 3 girls :p

Let me know which song(s) that you like this week!

Take care! <3

xo, Jo


Anonymous said...

Of course, I like Taylor Swift's new songs! I think she did a really good job creating a more mature album. This video was shot in Paris, by the way lol. I love her lilac gown too. She looked stunning! :D

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Lots of love, B
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Carrie said...

i am obsessed with taylor swift's new album! it's really good. i also like carly's new song. it's catchy.