Jun 5, 2013

All about mainstream (#TT113)

Yeap! What he said ;)

Hello lovelies!

Last week I was overseas for work and really had no time to blog so that's why there was no TT last week..  But I'm back with some new music for your ears' enjoyment! You might have heard some of them on the radio. 
Check it out!

One word: HOT!

I never liked Miley's music nor acting, but I gotta say that her new style is pretty dope. Guilty pleasure.

Crazy kids. Nuff' said :D

Had enough of the mainstream? Joe Brooks has the solution for ya!
Listen to his latest EP HERE! I really like the theme design of this EP. It's like a Disney animation :)

What songs do you listen to lately? 
Do share with me :)

Keep smiling!

xo, Jo


Jessica said...

I haven't really heard very much new music lately. I think my favorite song currently is the new one by Pink.

Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

Sofie Han said...

Great post :)
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xx Sofie

Your Princess is in Another Castle

Inge Lakawa said...

hahah nice pic. i usually listen Kpop radio so no justin bieber xD but i dont mind though

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Mouthwash said...

Pandora has ruined me for radio. Have you heard of Electric Guest? They're a group from LA, but they don't sound pretentious.