Jun 12, 2013

Putting a smile on your face :) (#TT114)

Hello lovelies!

There are 3 songs that I wanna share with you this week.

The first one is a song that you've probably already heard, it's "Everything Has Changed" by T Swift and Mr. Lovely Ed Sheeran. The video is totes adorbs! The media has been gossiping about the "hidden meaning" of the video, which might link to Taylor and Ed's possible romance -.-

Although the prediction is possible to be true, but hey come on, can we just enjoy the music video? People are over analyzing sometimes..

The next one! JoJo

She came up with a new mixtape, "Agápē", around late last year and this is an official music video from one of the singles! I really like her new hairstyle, I think it suits her well (or probably just because I like short wavy bobs which is why I chopped my hair off and got it permed) :)

It's a shame that this was not an album, I mean, the tracks on this mixtape SO deserve to be sold as an album. Same goes with her previous mixtape, "Can't Take That Away From Me". 

Click HERE for FREE download of Agápē!

Next: 2AM Club!

I've always loved every single of 2AM Club's song, but I'm not so sure of this one.. It sounds more like an uncreative pop song these days. I'm not trying to be mean, it's just a little disappointing :/ I'm still looking forward to hearing their other songs in the future though!

Till' the next post!

xo, Jo

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