Jan 30, 2015

Baby let's dance. (#TT150)

Hello lovelies!

How has the first month of 2015 been? I think I'm pretty much slacking in everything. I haven't really set my goals yet and I've been eating really bad lately, not sure why but I guess it's pure laziness lol. Imma start setting some goals this weekend, I've bought a cork board to hang on my wall to put up everything I wish to achieve this year.

Here are some cool songs that I've been listening to lately! Hope you like 'em :) 

I really miss blogging and playing music. I guess I just got caught up in life and abandoned things that I love to do. Thus, CORK BOARD, yes I'll do that. 

Recently I kind of get some inspirations to write again. I remember during my emo-est days I tended to write a lot then life got boring and I stopped writing "deep" or poetic posts lol. But yes, life got more interesting again so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Jo

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