Mar 8, 2015

Pink Sky


You broke my walls that I've built up from my past,
yet you can't come in.
Not that I don't want you to, but you are bound by faithfulness.
Don't come any closer, I'm starting to think of the forbidden thoughts.

I'm writing this under the pink sky,
reminiscing our short yet sweet memories.
Holding myself not to cry,
as I listen to your old symphonies.

Trying to convince myself that it was nothing.
Then I thought again, perhaps it's just me.
Me and my wishful thinking.
Because in the end, it was never meant to be.

Perhaps God is just showing me
that it's possible to love again
even in the most unexpected time and place,
even when I refuse to admit.

As we waved goodbye,
there was a sadness in our eyes.
Only in that moment I realized
that this feeling is hard to compromise.

I don’t mind that you’re not mine.
Just promise that you will always remember me,
as I will always remember you.


xo, Jo

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