Sep 9, 2009


Guess what was the thing that woke me up this morning~


Ugh yeah there was a lion dance in front of my flat this morning because the hotel opposite just opened so yea it was like an opening ceremony of it but come on! It was soooo loud *ya know how the music would sound right* I woke up and mumbling to myself 'is it chinese new year now?' lol.

So today I went to the class quite late with my friends coz we grabbed something to eat first when the class almost started. Well, our stomachs just couldnt wait. X]
And.... the first row was full so me and my friend just sat on the second row,,,,
besides the guy I mentioned before in my last post! =.=
I didnt want to but well, i didnt wanna sit at the back. and believe me he's such a freaaakkkk.

I got flu! Tengo gripe! sniff sniff :(

Hope i'll be fully recovered by friday! >.<

ciao~ xx


Yee said...

poor thing. hope u ll get well soon. =] and lion dance. LOOOOOOOOOOL. very funny~ xD

.:JoaNNa:. said...

thanks! this flu is so irritating its not going away! urgh-.- and yeah there are lots of lion dances here hahaa