Sep 27, 2009

September is my month!

It's been such a long timeeee.
I missed my blog :):)

Ok this month's been really busy and awesome at the same time.
A classmates' trip (someone popped up on the second day <3),>old ehmm more matured. XD
I think it was the best birthday during my teen years. wow.

And now im super busy with school and organ exam coming ahead.
Oh God please bless meee i wanna pass this exam so badddd.
I remember what the speaker said in one of the talks i had in school.

"In order to win, you have to be sure that you're gonna win, you can see it, you can feel it, you can taste it in your mouth."

I dont know how im gonna taste it in my mouth but i kinda get what it means. and for this time, I CAN FEEL IT!
I realized why i failed that time. I didnt even think that I was gonna make it! and the teacher only said "just try". so yeah i was emotionally and technically (due to o'levels) not prepared.
It was predictable though. If they passed me, I would've been the worst electone teacher everrrr. so yeah i dont wanna ruin Yamaha's reputation. haha.
So I'm back and ready for it! Hopefully i can make it this time :) pray for me!
Oh, and the talk also told about goals. so i told myself that my goal (apart from graduating with good grades) isssss...
speaking in spanish fluently by the time i graduate! XD

Dontcha think this post is very motivative? lol

Oh and I wanna go for F1 next year! *someone's making me kinda curious about it* X)


loves xx

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