Sep 5, 2009

La Gente

Ok so this is what happened yesterday.

I reached Queenstown station to wait for the school bus to come, I saw a couple of my classmates then I approached them. I talked to the girl, blablablabla.. (Im not close with the guy) then i saw him carrying a plastic bag, looked like a cake box. I asked whose birthday it was then the girl said it was her. "Happy birthday lalalala.." then i just started talking to the guy, he's new in our class. Then the conversation went on to army stuff, national service. He said he terminated the course last time due to the national service so he had to go back to his country. THEN he was like 'in Indonesia they pay under table right?' i was like huh? honestly i dont know anything about indonesian army. as i know they dont have national service or something like that. Then he went on blablabla and i felt really awkward. i mean, since they dont have national service why would they need to pay under table? ??? it's like if you wanna join the army then you go so noone would force you, it's not compulsory. then i just said 'umm i think in every country is also like that? *smiling fakely* and THANK GOD my friend just came in time so i could get out of that conversation. My first impression on him was right. I dont know how to describe it but he sounds like a snob when he talks. so yeah if theres nothing important i wouldnt talk to him.
I told this to the girls and my friend (the one came to 'save' me lol) said 'even if he didnt know about it (the truth of the army story) it was rude of him to say that'. well actually i didnt get offended at all but i dont know he's just not a type of person that i can get along with.

And this is what happened today.

I went to my spanish class. we were placed in a new room, smaller, coz there was only 6 of us. all girls. CHICAS YEAH. XDD
then there was this obasan sitting there. then we started talking.
I was quite impressed that she could get into this level from the placement test by self-studying.
i mean, if i took a placement test last time maybe i only could get into beginner 2 or elementary 1 maybe? so yeah, smart obasan.
but no offense, she kinda made the class going on slower coz u know, ageing ppl. or maybe because shes new. and guess what, her name is Jolene LOL. reminds me of that girl. luckily she left. "omigosh it takes 3 years to complete the whole course, if i go to spain i can talk fluently in 1 month" thats what i remembered from her. actually i agreed, so yeah maybe shes in spain now. I also want :((

I've been watching spanish movies these days haha. I miss watching japanese dramas though but well for now there are no dramas that i really wanna watch so yeah its time for spanish :D


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