Apr 18, 2010

Strap It

Hey, beautiful people! How’s your weekend going?? I hope it’s great coz mine is pretty awesome! ;)

So here is another piece of clothing that had the similar story with the pants I reformed. I found a defect on its neckline and it frustrated me quite much! I tried to accessorize every time I wore it but I never got fully satisfied.seed1

Sooo, I found these bra straps (lol) that I don’t remember why I bought them. I cut the adjustment clips (or whatever it’s called) so they became just like normal elastic strips. I sewed them along the neckline to ensure that the defect would be perfectly invisible and tied them together into a bow!

 seed2 seed3

I’ll probably wear it tomorrow on the Degree orientation day! :)


Thanks a lot to Jennifer for passing me this award! :D


I felt pretty bad accepting this award since I don’t do outfit posts lately but I promise I’ll catch up! It’s just that I like to post more DIYs these days heehee.


xo, Jo