Apr 10, 2010

Shorty Like Mine

Few days ago I “modified” my pants from Island Shop that I got quite long ago. I wasn’t that satisfied after trying them at home since I got them in a sales rack battling with hundreds of hands digging (ok maybe not hundreds but you know what I mean). The material is very comfortable, it feels like you’re not wearing anything! Hahaa..well, it IS thin, so I had to wear biker-shorts-like underneath. islandshop-1They have been worn once only and to be honest, my butt looks twice bigger than it is on them (while it’s already super big in real size) and the pants length just makes me look even shorter. Not to mention my funny face in this picture. Wow, how perfect is that.islandshop-2So I decided to cut them into shorts, so I can wear them with tights (in hope they’d look better on me after). I changed the position of the buttons and I think they looked cuter that way. Oh, and this was done without involving a sewing machine (coz I don’t have it here) and with full of pauses in the process (mostly due to watching youtube videos!) so it took me 2 days to finish them haha.

islandshop-3 islandshop-4

“Why are you posting this by the way? It’s such a simple thing people can do!”

Well, because this is the only piece so far that turned out pretty successful after having it chopped and stitched without my mom’s advice so I’m quite proud of that. She normally advises me for taking whatever I wanna change to the tailor ;)

islandshop-5 islandshop-6

Till next timeee!

xo, Jo


Nadiye said...


Marta Castellanos said...

I think it looks great in that new way!!I want to see you wearing them!!xoxo


Mademoiselle Paulina said...

good job !
your "new" shorts are very nice !

Alexandra said...

thanks for comment!!!

love your DIY!!!


B a la Moda said...

What a good idea and a fast way to solve a problem. Good job!

B* a la Moda

Froso said...

I like watching other people putting their personal touch on clothes, you did an amazing job! Kisses, Froso.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

They look so cute as shorts!! I actually like them better that way. :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

very cute! can't wait to see you wear them. Nice adjustments

Elaine said...


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