Aug 9, 2010

Thanks for being so inspiring!

So few days ago I got this award from the lovely Bree and it made my day! Make sure to check her blog out because it’s amazing. Thanks again girl! ;)

inspiring blog award

As the rules say, I have to list 3 things/people that inspire me so here we go. ;)

1. My parents.

These 2 persons are the ones that inspire me the most. I don’t want them to be replaced because they are the best role models in my life. They’re always there giving the best for me and I can’t wait to repay them one day!


2. Music.

I just can’t live without music! I’d feel that a day is lacking if I haven’t listened to any songs. It’s funny how I always have a melody playing inside my head even when I’m not listening to anything. Music makes good times even better and is a remedy through bad times. I wish my life was a movie that has a different soundtrack for every moment everyday! :P


3. Teachers.

Not all, but many of them have been my inspirations that lead the life I’m going through right now. Most of the teachers that normally inspire me are the ones who teach music, English and business. It’s not easy to be a teacher that’s why I appreciate them a lot ;)


Not to mention that all bloggers are very inspirational to me as well! Therefore I’ll pass this award to each one of you because each blog is just inspiring!

Hope all of you had a good weekend!

xo, Jo

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