Aug 31, 2010

Thanks August, you were being good ;)

So much going on in this month, so much fun and memorable moments that I had!

One of them was the Youth Olympic Games closing ceremony! I was too busy with school stuff so I couldn’t watch any of the matches so I guess by going to the closing ceremony it’d pay everything off and it really did!

YOG1 The mascots: Lyo and Merly!

YOG4 Cute athlete de Peru! :D


Olympic tattoo!

YOG9 These are plastic doves! They look super real, don’t they? You also can see there’s a person tied to the “hot air balloon” dancing! I give myself a credit for this shot ;)

YOG10 Globe balls sliding down over thousands of people! One hit right on top of my head! LOL


Outdoor parties wouldn’t be as fun if there are no FIREWORKS!

How did August treat you this year??

Have a great weekend! ;)

xo, Jo

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++ LA said...

Great shots! wow this looks awesome!