May 7, 2011

10 Things I love

Hey lovelies! Hope you’re doing well!

I recently got tagged by Hercy to do this “10 Things I love” post. Thanks girl!!

So what else are we waiting for? :)

1. Arts

This will include:

  • Music – I’d simply die without this.



  • Fashion - I’m pretty sure that every girl never feels that the stuff in her closet is enough. Not saying that we’re materialistic, but that’s just the way we are right? :p I’m personally addicted to accessories. I just LOVE them!


  • Photography – I don’t own any high-end cameras and stuff, but I’m always amazed by photographs, especially the vintage ones. Every shot seems to have its own meaning behind.


  • Paintings – I just love artistic stuff! I actually have a secret passion in sketching and painting. One day when I have the time I’ll definitely brush up my skills in those! P.S This is not mine lol. (I wish)


  • Performing arts – I used to sing, dance and even act when I was younger. I guess there’s still a root of interest left inside of me although I don’t do any of them anymore. This is why I love concerts, plays and just any live performances. They’re the best!


2. Spanish language

I think most of the old readers of this blog are already aware of this one haha. Me encanta el espanol! :P


3. Cherry blossom

My dream house is one which has a cherry blossom tree at the backyard:) P.S I don’t really like getting flowers as presents (coz they’re not last longing) but if I were to get cherry blossoms I would marry the person :p


4. Penguins



5. High-tea session

A cup of aromatic tea and sweets will make a perfect lovely afternoon.


6. Travelling

New places and new people with different languages and culture fascinate me:) Not to mention the hotels with comfy beds and savoury foods haha.


7. Internet

Since I don’t really watch the TV or read the news, I would be completely living under the rock without the Internet access. Plus, I love connecting with people around the world!


8. Amusement parks

The best places on earth:)


9. Cards and letters

Cheesy, I know. But I can’t help it! I think presents would be so incomplete without cards (boys, listen up). That’s why I greatly appreciate for the cards and letters I receive because I know that the people who wrote them have put more effort and feelings compared to those who might just get you something last minute. I keep ALL of them:)


10. Good people

No matter what I do, it would be so much more fun if I do it with my friends:)


I kinda cheated on the first one, didn’t I? Haha. Well, arts do have a broad meaning :p

Now it’s your turn!:)

Gurrrllll you’ve got tagged!


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I wish I could list all the blogs that I read over here but it’s gonna be wayyyy too longgg. So basically all of you who are reading this are tagged!

Have a great weekend! :D

xo, Jo


Smolder Me said...

lovely blog! following you now! :) xoxo Cheryl

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Well, I think we may just be the same person! I love all of these things too! :)

B a la Moda said...

I am glad to see Spanish language in your top 10. :)

B* a la Moda

Buky said...

I';;d die w/o music also.
Instant death if im not with my ipod while im travelling.
Thanks for the Inspiration.