Aug 14, 2011

Epic work WASTED

So here’s the story.

I got a project of this module that happened to be called as “Applied Strategic Management” and basically what I needed to do was to pick a company and analyze the industry the company is in and the company itself.

So *ahhem* of course I chose a fashion retailer and H&M seemed to be a good choice. (Random fact: I never shopped in H&M before)

The lecturer was freaking demanding on the design on the project. He wanted to see students’ creativity. I thought that it was rather strange because I expected that final year’s projects were supposed to be professional, not those with pictures and colorful designs.

But well, this is what I did.

asm1 I was so proud of this cover page! I took a pretty darn long time to make the collage look creative-yet-professional. Washout mode is the bomb!

asm2 I think the idea of putting a hanger instead of a dot on the line was brilliant *cough*.



This was probably the most creative page of the entire project.




Overall, I really liked my project and was enthusiastic enough to do it. I guess I was on my laptop more than sleeping, eating, and other things combined together. But… *intense music*

The lecturer changed the content and the style of the project. The day he told us was just 2 weeks before the submission date. He said there were some changes in the university’s requirements and I BELIEVED that he had known earlier than that. He wanted to be plain just like any other projects. I altered around 80% of what I had done, plus adding new requirements. It was like doing the whole thing again from the start. I was so frustrated! So basically me and other students needed to complete 3month-project in 2 weeks. Insane, huh?

But we made it in time! I felt super disappointed though, that my hard (epic) work was wasted. So I’d better share it here rather than just keeping it unrevealed inside the computer memory. I feel my initial work was better though, coz honestly, I had lost the interest after the requirement change. I hope the results won’t turn out so bad!

And for sure, I hope this misery won’t happen again in the future! Although it wouldn’t be as shocking if it does happen again *touches wood*.

Don’t you think I’ll make an awesome fashion project manager? :p

Oh, talking about fashion, apparently there’s a fashion degree in my campus!!! I'm not planning to change of course, it’s just..I’m happy :D

Oh! H&M is opening its first outlet in Singapore next month!!! Can’t wait!! When I saw the banner I was like “finally!! My company is here!!” LOL coz I know pretty a lot about H&M now after doing that project hehe.

But thank God that this newly started term there will be exams only :)

Enjoy your weekend!! <3 and thanks for reading this much :)

xo, Jo

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