Aug 21, 2011

Cry Me a River… Island.

knitted hooded scarf

Is it just me who’s being outdated or the fashion world had already created this amazing invention long time ago? Coz I just saw this hooded scarf 2 days ago in River Island and I was IN LOVE!! And I still am!! The length was good, the beanie was SUPER CUTE and the color just reminded me of Harry Potter hahahha. I tried it on me and I kept looking at myself in the mirror for at least 2 whole minutes. It would be perfect for my winter trip this year! (Oops not telling that as yet). I wanted to get it SO BAD but the price kinda slapped me on the face… It was like 83 Singapore Dollars but on its online website it’s 28 pounds!! What?! Even if I add this to my birthday wish list it’s kinda unworthy, isn’t it? I mean it’s just too expensive for a scarf..well it’s got a beanie attached but still…

black cut out maxi

Then I also saw this maxi dress on a mannequin and it reminded me of Selena Gomez’s D&G dress. Cut out design is everywhere!

Selena Gomez

I quickly checked other stuff on River Island website once I got home and I found a few stuff that I like but didn’t seem to see them at the store (or maybe because my full attention was on the hooded scarf </3)

beige skull and lace photographic print scarf  brown knitted fox tippet scarf How cute is this scarf??

jacquard shawl scarf

fringe knit snood  maxi dress

As what it says :)

Yes, I love scarves :)

xo, Jo

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Marta Castellanos said...

Wov!! Love the first hat-scarf! It´s soo cool! I tough the´s from Gryffindor! Loved it!