Nov 15, 2011

I’m independent, I’m on my own (#TT65)

Ahhhh so many good songs this month! This is one of them.

This YouTube-born band, TeraBrite comprises Sabrina, DJ, and… well, that’s all. Yes, only two of them. Two! Dos!

DJ (the guy) basically does pretty much all the instruments and he sings too! Awesomeness! Plus, they’re dating! :P

I like her dress in this video too :3

If you like pop punk, make sure to check out their other songs!

Decisions, decisions!

I’m having a big dilemma right on whether or not I should go to Good Charlotte’s concert.


- I’m a big fan

- a rare chance (probably they will hold another concert in 5 years time)

- finally there’s someone who’s willing to go with me

- it will be on this coming Friday and the tickets are still available!


- although the early bird price is the standard price now, $100 still seems a little pricey to me, since I’ve spent mucho dinero for the past month (part of it was for Simple Plan’s January concert! Whaaaat)

- exams

- exams

- exams


I’m so confused!! Argh!! I’m planning to study as much as I could before the day. And it falls on Friday, so I think it will be fine? No? …..

Help me!!


Sincerely, indecisive Jo

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this song is my cup of tea! I like the beat. As for the concert, I say go! You deserve to have fun and I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to study for your exams. <3

P.S. Thank you so much for the uber sweet comment on my CHI post!

Lots of love, B
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