Nov 30, 2011

Teenage Dream: Good Charlotte

Hello, peeps!

Yes, I’ve been MIA for these past 2 weeks. It’s because I was hell busy with exams last week and right the following day after the last exam I flew home to Jakarta and here I am chilling, forgetting about school related stuff and just having a great time Winking smile

As for the matter whether I should go to the Good Charlotte’s concert or not, well, I think it’s pretty obvious by now =) YES, I EVENTUALLY WENT AND IT WAS AWESOME =D

1The concert was actually held to promote Jack Daniel’s, that’s why only 18years and above were allowed to attend this event. (One of the little things that I feel lucky to be older Smile with tongue out)

6Tats <3

2No, that wasn’t my hand.. too bad.


Benji and Joel!! HECKYEAH!

5Love your jean jacket, bruh!


I wish my best friend was there. We could sing “I Just Wanna Live” together coz that was legitimately our song! I had been missing the chances to go to GC’s concert since I was 13 and after 7 years of patience I finally could meet them in person!!!


SOOOOO worth it Winking smile

I only have a term break as “long” as 2 weeks. Well, better than nothing, right? That’s why I’m enjoying every single day of it to the maxxx!

Have a fantastic week!! Tell me how have you been doing! =)

xo, Jo


Mimi said...

oooh, that is so fun! for a moment there i totally thought that was your hand! ;)

and yeah, 2 weeks is better than nothing. can't wait for break! :)

<3, Mimi
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Mouthwash said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Lovely photos of the event too.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm glad you're done with exams and that you are now just relaxing. You deserve it, girl!

As for the Good Charlotte concert, I'm happy you went! Sometimes being older definitely has its perks hehe.

P.S. I hate that Free People is so darn expensive. I love that brand! Thanks for the early birthday greeting and for loving my Hanna post. :D

Lots of love, B
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