Nov 8, 2011

I’ll cover you sleeping child (#TT64)

Mom: “When will Michael actually know how to rock? Coz he always learns to rock.”

If all the people around the world
they had a mind like yours
we'd have no fighting and no wars
there would be lasting peace on Earth


Happy birthday, Mom!!156950_124865880910076_100001599938798_150725_672388_n

God bless this woman :)Mummy rabbit

I love you forever, Mommy! <3

xo, Jo

P.S tomorrow is my bf’s birthday too! :p


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your mom! :)
You are such a sweet daughter. <3

P.S. A shampoo hair dye? That is beyond rad! You are so right. A good hair dye brand is the key.

Lots of love, B
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Mimi said...

awww, what a sweet post! happy birthday to your mom! :D

<3, Mimi

Ribka said...

happy birthday to your mom!!! XD

reply to your comment: yes that's J.Co :9

Carrie said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your mom! Have a great one. This is so sweet of you. I'm sure your mom loves you very very very much.