Jan 10, 2012

E X C I T E D (#TT71)

And I'd give away a thousand days just to have another one with you.

Guess whaaaatttt?

I’m gonna see Simple Plan performing live this Sunday! SO STOKED!

Their latest album “Get Your Heart On!” is awesomeeee, although I find that they’re experimenting with pop a lot,  like their third and self-titled album “Simple Plan”. Well, there’s nothing wrong with pop, in fact I find it really interesting in this GYHO! album since every single song has a different characteristic and I enjoy that a lot :) Just like this week’s TT “Summer Paradise”, don’t you think that it’s got that Jason Mraz feel into it? This band really surprised me coz they apparently sound GOOD no matter what the music genre is! Pierre’s voice is just so cool!

Other things that excite me are:

06012012234   Finally I got myself ‘Devoted’! Still on chapter 3 right now.. I don’t have so much free time as final project just keeps me so occupied :/

06012012238 I passed the ABRSM exam, baby!! What bugs me though, is the fact that I only needed 2 more points to get a distinction. Although getting a merit is also satisfactory :)

It’s only Tuesday but I’m already wishing that weekend could come any faster.

Have a blessed week, everyone!

xo, Jo


Ribka said...

Congrats!!! you must be very good at music! :D

Recently Roached said...

Your blog is so cute. Love the layout!
And since when does Hilary Duff write books?? Crazzy!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Simple Plan has a new album! You are so lucky you'll get to see them live. By the way, congratulations on passing your ABRSM exam! :)

P.S. It's not weird that you don't have a favorite pizza. It's just so hard to choose the best one!

Lots of love, B
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Mouthwash said...

How are those books? Are they good?