Jan 18, 2012

Teenage Dream: Simple Plan (#TT72)

Last Sunday was the best day so far for me in 2012!

“Yo bro let’s do this!” 

HEAVEN!!! <3

Simple Plan consists of:

Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals)

David Desrosiers (bass, backing vocals)   

Sebastien Lefebvre (guitar, backing vocals)

Jeff Stinco (lead guitar)  

Chuck Comeau (drums)

Haha I love this pic of Pierre, he looks so cute with his blushed cheeks :p

I miss them already!!! #postconcertdepression

I had a BLAST!!!!

Their music has become a big part of my life, especially throughout my teen years a.k.a those days when nobody understood me and I would lock my door and turned on their music out loud so nobody could hear me screaming. Hmmm did I just write their lyrics? Haha.

When I was in middle school my mom didn’t let me to go to their concert and I was totally depressed. But after 7 years, my teenage dream came true! :D

These guys will always have a “kid” soul in them and through them I’ll always have mine as well :)

Have a fantastic week!

xo, Jo

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Mouthwash said...

Sweet! it looks like you had so much fun!!!