May 20, 2012

Bali Trip – Hard Rock Hotel Review

I know this is super late but this last post’s got some info that might be useful for you.

Actually this was supposed to be the “Day 4” of the Bali trip, but what we did on the last day of the trip was just packing, swimming, walking around and had quick lunch nearby. Not that interesting to share I guess? Hahaha. Thus I’d rather give a review of the hotel we stayed at Kuta, which was Hard Rock Hotel.

On a very tiring evening, we checked in to our room and found it really humid. The floor was sticky and dirty. The beds were damp. We suspected that it was from the aircond that wasn’t working properly so we called out the repair man and cleaning service. Luckily, the locals there are just very friendly and polite so service-wise it was good.  One thing that I still didn’t like though, was the fact that we were at the lower level of the hotel, like basement! I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer higher floors so I could enjoy the view from the window.

The superior things from this hotel are definitely the facilities. The swimming pool, garden, entertainment rooms, there was even a "Teenager Room” or something like that which was strictly for teens from around 11 to 17 only! I feel old… The breakfast there was not even that good in my opinion.. and I think they could’ve done so much better.

Overall, since we booked this room at a special rate, we didn’t feel as much disappointed as we would have if we paid at a normal rate, coz I think it’s just not worth it. I’ve stayed in Hard Rock Singapore before and I really liked the room. I guess if Hard Rock Bali wants to brag its infamous brand, they at least need to meet the international standard to match with its international price. And for those who won’t stay around at the hotel, I suggest that you choose another hotel coz it’s such a waste to not fully utilize the facilities (like us..).

In addition, I wish we could spend more time chilling at Kuta beach!! Coz it’s definitely better than Nusa Dua! Man, next time we shouldn’t make our schedule too packed.. it was holiday anyways!

xo, Jo


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