May 22, 2012

Swift did it again! (#TT82)

Congrats to Taylor Swift in winning the Woman Of The Year Award at the Billboard Music Awards 2012! She looks gorgeous as usual. I love her with straight hair! Not to mention that her red eye makeup totally completes off the stunning red evening gown by Elie Saab!
Recently, her two songs were also officially released on Youtube. Well, actually the second one is B.o.B’s song, but without her voice this song wouldn’t be as good! I also just found out that “Eyes Open” is also in the Hunger Games soundtrack after “Safe and Sound”.  These two songs are definitely different from what she normally does and yet she still rocks ‘em. Although “Both of Us” has a guitar touch that makes it a lil bit more country-ish? :D

And sometimes I wonder
All we care so much about the way we look
And the way we talk, and the way we act
And the clothes we bought, how much that cost?
Does it even really matter?
Cause if life is an uphill battle,
We all try to climb on the same old ladder
In the same boat with the same old paddle

Dig the songs, peeps? :)

Have a lovely week!

xo, Jo


Julye said...

she's wearing such a pretty dress ;)

Laura said...

Amazing look!

Jennifer said...

Her dress is great xo

xo Jennifer

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I didn't fall in love with Taylor Swift until she grew up. She looks stunning with her new straight hair and makeup. And her songs are even getting better too, I think.

Borjana said...

Here dress was my favorite!It would be a dream to wear it;)

Stefani said...

Love her dress!

Mouthwash said...

As a fellow curly head, it always feel a twinge of sadness when a girl straightens her hair... She certainly looks gorgeous as always, and it's fun to have a different look every once in a while!

That dress is STUNNING!!!

vintage process said...


vintage process said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE her red gown! I've heard of "Eyes Open" for awhile now and I like it. I am also digging "Both Of Us". :D

P.S. Thanks for checking out my omelette post.

Lots of love, B
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Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Olá, gostei especialmente da música....