May 15, 2013

Growing up (TT#111)

Hey lovelies!

Let’s talk about growing up..

There are benefits and disadvantages of being a grown up, I think the following songs may explain some of them.

My sk8ter gurl is back!!! She never gets old ;) Love Avril!

The punk version of Avril’s song. 10 years back she would have done it this way! Love the little “Complicated” medley ;) Purrrrfect!

Two of my favorite songs off Paramore self-titled album!

Can’t stop listening to this <3

Love the gospel feel of this song!

So Avril’s song and Paramore’s may contradict each other in this case. But I’m not on either side, in fact I’m on BOTH sides. As an adult, we need to make decisions on our own, take risks, be responsible, and overall take control of our life. But it’s true that sometimes it sucks to be a grown up. The stress, the complicated things and at these moments you would wish that you had never grown up because being a kid is WAY much easier. You just need to stress about what to play! Lol. I gotta admit that I miss being a kid and not giving a damn about anything. But I know when my parents started dictating or restricting me from things, I’d say “I’m not a kid anymore!” Haha. Dilemma indeed.

Well, since we can’t turn back the time, we just need to deal with it. Being an adult is awesome too. We can do what kids can’t do *troll-face* XD

Hope you’re having a great week!

xo, Jo

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Johanna V said...

Nice songs, I like the new Paramore songs a lot, but my favorite is "Still Into You" :) ♥