May 13, 2013

Lush: Shaving Cream Review

This post is gonna be a review of Prince and Ambrosia shaving cream from Lush. Which one do I prefer? Read further below!

Prince shaving cream was one of the first Lush products that I got when Lush Singapore outlet just opened. I had done my research beforehand on what might be suitable for me. At the shop they only had Prince and Dirty in their shaving cream line at that time. And I was being so smart by forgetting to note down which one I wanted to get based on my research. So, I asked the staff instead and I followed her suggestion. Theeennnn I realized that I wanted Dirty instead of Prince because I was aiming the one for sensitive skin –.- I don’t really trust Lush girl anymore since then.

The verdict of Prince is actually not bad. In fact it’s pretty good. It leaves my skin soft after shaving. It also has this fresh sweet orange smell that I like and even if it’s not stated for sensitive skin, I had no problem from the first time using it till it’s completely finished. The texture is very thick and for “light” shaving you actually don’t need much of it. At the beginning I tended to waste quite a bit of the product.

Since I finished Prince up, I decided to get Dirty this time. But… I got Ambrosia instead. Didn’t I say I trust Lush girl no more? Lol.

I didn’t know that they have a new shaving cream besides Prince and Dirty. Also, the Lush girl INSISTED that this one is for sensitive skin. Okay, so I admit that I get persuaded somewhat easily.. But I've learned that both Ambrosia and Dirty are meant for sensitive skins, it’s just Ambrosia has a lighter texture. It’s more like lotion and Dirty’s texture is comparable to Prince’s.

I remember that I was not a big fan of the smell at first. It’s like banana milk but there’s no even banana in the ingredients haha. It’s hard to describe but it’s definitely not fruity smell. It’s more towards milky smell, well because oat milk is the main ingredient here. Like I said earlier, the texture is really light and the razor glides really smoothly on the skin. I also found that this cream gives me a “cleaner” shave.

So, Prince or Ambrosia?

I gotta say Ambrosia.

It’s just very calming, soothing and light. With the same type of razor, it gives me a smoother and cleaner shave, and leaves me with a very soft skin. I highly recommend this for girls since we don’t have scruffy beards to shave and thus lighter texture would be good enough :D Oh, and did I mention that it’s cheaper as well? :)

Have you tried Lush shaving creams before? If not, which brands do you use?

Have a great day!

xo, Jo

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