Oct 15, 2013

New playlist songs (#TT127)

Hello lovelies!

Here are some of the hot songs that I've been listening to recently. Hope you enjoy!

Finally a song from the rocker couple! It is very Nickleback-ish and my first impression was that it's a little dull as I can see Chad is playing safe with the song. HOWEVER, this song brings back somewhat the "old" style of Avril. Not to mention that Chad's voice is amazing and the entire video is full of emotions which just makes it even better. 

Ok this is not a new song under my playlist. I just wanna share the video. Eminem-sama! *bows down*. Do I even need to say anything else? :p

Love this MV! It's like Cinderella :D 

Cassadee Pope proves that not only she can sing rock but country songs as well! I still prefer her sing pop-rock though, perhaps because that's what me and most people have been used to. Her songwriting style is still pretty much consistent nonetheless. I still can imagine how her country songs can turn into pop-rock just with different play style on the guitar. Check her Wasting All These Tears here.

I like the beat of this song, not very much of a club song, eh? Unless they make a remix out of it. It's a double-edged sword ;)

Is it just me or does the vocal look A LOT like a younger version of Harry Styles? And this band overall is like 1D that plays musical instruments. It's always a plus point for me :)

And last, but not least..
My first impression: This is a LYRIC video? It's almost like an official vid and it's like a movie trailer with all the legit actors. I guess we just need to wait for the official MV for Gaga to surprise us once again. Music wise, umm I'm not sure. I'm confused. Haha

Which song(s) do you like best?

xo, Jo

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