Oct 3, 2009

Que pasa?


Here are some favorite things of mine that i'd like to share :)

Hilary Duff's new line!

I knew this like about 2 months ago but didnt have the time to talk about it. The singer/song-writer/actress/designer launched her line for DKNY jeans, called Femme. The clothes are basically based on her daily styles and trust me they are super GOOD! I'm digging them!

Oh, and there's actually some kind of series that she made specially to promote this line. 'The Chase'. There are 7 parts. Many people just don't realize that it's a part of advertising haha. You can watch it from YouTube or here www.thechaseseries.com/trailers.html It's cool, she should make more of these. ;) Oh she just turned 22 last week. Feliz cumple! =D

Besides the new fashion line, Hil is currently super busy with GOSSIP GIRL! Yep she will be on it for the new season. Actually i dont really follow that show (though Chace Crawford is SOW HAWT xD) but im gonna watch the next season for sure! =D

Hil is over down here! XD

New albums wanted

Ok I gotta back doing my assignment. It is due this Thursday darn it!
Hope I can spare more time blogging after this week ;)

Ciao! -Jo xx

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