Aug 25, 2009

Miss Universe 2009

It's Miss Venezuela! Again!
I was pretty surprised of the results of Miss Universe 2009 yesterday. I really wanted Miss Puerto Rico to win coz she looked PERFECT! She looked like a barbie without being blond and when she smiled everything just looked perfect from every angle. Whoo! lol.
But yeah the judges didnt choose her instead she was like the 4th runner up aka the lowest among the 5! Maybe her answer wasnt that good hmm i didnt really hear the questions coz i was paying attention to their faces and the language (spanish :P) and my food. LOL.
Yup, i was having my dinner with my friends in a friend's apartment. We ate Mcds while watching Miss Universe so yeah we had some sorta feelings of guilty pleasure lol. My friend, Effy just couldn't stop eating til she said to me "Urgh..please stop me..i feel painful" LMAO. Funny girl lol.
And for all of you who watched it yesterday of course ya know what happened at the end right? Haha yeah! The crown was dropped lol~~ The new Miss Universe was too excited, hugging the previous one, kind of jumping, then *drop* lol. The crown looked amazing.
I still prefer the 2008 winner though, she's so pretty and she looks like a fun person :)
If im not mistaken the new one is only like 18? and she looked like 25. I'm not kidding lol.

When the crown fell off lol

Her smile looks like Demi Lovato's :P


Yee said...

ya. she is 18 yrs old. xD i know. HAHA. btw, i didnt see her face in d telly. D= -.- so i dunno whether she is really pretty or wad. LOL. pity me. =D

.:JoaNNa:. said...

haha yeah she is. hmm she looks better in pictures i guess, coz when i saw her on tv i didnt feel the charm lol but anyways shes pretty and intelligent enough to be miss universe :D