May 22, 2010

Blurry Battle

BB1-1 BB1-2

Head to toe: bought in Singapore


BB2-1 BB2-2

Dress & blazer: presents (WHOO!)

Do I look like a busy chic? Just so you know, I AM that busy. Oh, and the pic of me on the phone, I wasn’t acting lol. I was really talking with my mom haha.

It’s been a rough yet memorable week. Last Tuesday was the best because Diego responded my message in the live chat!! (Responde…me quieres..) HAHA. Other than that, nothing interesting, in fact I’m sleep deprived. Oh, and my Econs presentation didn’t go that smoothly. I didn’t expect that the lecturer chose our group to be the first one to present! I was half awake, which means: guyish voice + memory loss. PERFECT.

Anyways, which outfit is the winner? :P

Enjoy your weekend!!

xo, Jo


ANGELINA said...

I prefer the second outfit.... :)
enjoy your weekend too....

Jezebel said...

I like the first one!
I'm obsessed with khakis right now..
There's this pair that are like skinnies at topshop :O

Yee said...

i like the first one too. haha. looks casual~ ;) u shud be fashion designer. XD

Asta said...

This dress is fantastic and the colors look so good together! Also, like it with the blazer. And to think that those were presents...:)

Froso said...

I love the color of your dress honey!

Mademoiselle Paulina said...

cute pics !