May 16, 2010

Panda Days


So I’ve been reeeaaally busy and that explains why I don’t blog lately. I’m pretty exhausted. There’s so many stuff to do and the dark circles on my eyes are getting worse, oh my :/ But anyways, it’s Saturday! I have to make a post!

Today I went to the campus’ Annual General Meeting, besides talks and meeting (duh) there were prizes and stuff but I wasn’t really looking forward for those… I was excited for the food instead! Haha ok now it’s obvious that I love to eat and it was a buffet so… I was satisfied :) One thing that I won’t forget about my uni after graduating is of course the free food buffet.

Thank you, MDIS. Thank you, University of Bradford.

I wore this outfit today with different shoes and necklace because this is actually an old pic that has never been posted before. I have to say that my hair looked better before haha.

P8290008 cardigan - Et Cetera, cami - random, skirt - some Asian boutique

*Random fact: Instead of wearing a dress, I wore this skirt at middle school's beach themed prom. Yes that was a long time ago!

Another reason why I decided to use this pic instead of taking a new one is because I pretty much look like this right now.


The exact same eyes.

The exact same size.

The exact same thing I’m doing at the moment.

(don’t worry bamboo is not my favorite snack)

Have a great weekend!!

xo, Jo


B a la Moda said...

I think you chose a great skirt! I hope you can take some rest!

B* a la Moda

Carrie said...

i love that skirt. it looks good on you.

i am now a new follower. follow me too?

Asta said...

Love the outfit, very simple yet elegant and stylish. And I want that skirt too:)
Oh, yeah, and the panda pic is super cute, feel like that every now and then!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

That skirt is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love the print and the colors. And that belt with it is so adorable. I love this outfit!

Froso said...

You look super cute and preppy! I love it!