May 25, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday #2 (Memories, memories)

May 24th 2008 is one date that I always remember.
I woke up with lots of feelings I couldn’t figure out. I put some ice on my eyes, trying my luck to get rid off the dark circles caused by the stressful exams. I kept looking at my watch, because today was gonna be an important day, I made sure that my schedule would turn out perfect.
I met up with a friend to go to a hair salon to get our hair done. I broke the rule from the magazine saying that cutting hair on the due day was a major DON’T. But anyways it luckily turned out fine, and it was really worth for the price paid. I felt strange with my “new” hair though.
Went back to my hostel, got dressed up with a simple dress bought a week before, and our “makeup artist” was ready to make us pretty. It was a Saturday and huge jams hit the city. I got really nervous since we had to come early for a rehearsal and my heels were loose. 
We made it in time. Took pictures and I prayed in my heart that I wouldn’t trip when my turn came. The heels really got me some butterflies and my contacts were dry like a desert.1But again, it turned out fine and I was glad, though I wished that my parents were also there like the others’.
I danced, laughed, cried and even talked to my ex-crush for the first time. It was a good night.
And yes, it was my highschool graduation-prom night.
One thing that didn’t really cross my mind that night is the fact that it was actually the very last day that all of us got together.
I miss each one of you. Where are you now?
xo, Jo


Yee said...

lol. it brings memories tho. haha. ex-crush? hmmmmmmmmmmm XD hahaha. *waves at you* I am here as usual. hahahaha.

B a la Moda said...

I am glad you had that much fun. Also for your eyes when they are swallowed, you can put fresh smashed potatoes and it works perfect!

B* a la Moda

Mademoiselle Paulina said...

nice !

Froso said...

Yes, I am so happy for you dear! Many many kisses!