Apr 19, 2012

Bali Trip – Day 2

Click here for DAY 1.

Our second day in Bali mostly consists of visiting the most popular tourist spots. These places give you proofs against “picture or it didn’t happen”.

Temple on the water

Taman Ayun Temple 

Our driver! ;)

Balinese Chicken at Dewi Sinta, Tanah Lot

This was GOOD. But make sure you have stock of tissues!

Tanah Lot Temple

The temple is made of rock and there are caves everywhere. Cool!

We went across the water to get “blessings”. The waves were crazy!

Made it!

Step 1: Wash your hand and face. Step 2: Drink and spit the water. Although it’s at the middle of the sea, the water was not sea water! It was fresh spring water.

For health, happiness and all the good stuff ;)

Rice on forehead and frangipani flower on ear. Do we look pretty? Teehee.

Crossing back! It was pretty deep and rocky!

Souvenir shopping at Krisna

The “cheapest” and the “best”, they said. It WAS cheap, but do look carefully at the expiry dates when buying snacks since the storage life was quite short.

Dinner at Ikan Bakar Cianjur 

Good food, indeed, but it wasn’t new to me since I’ve had this a lot in Jakarta haha. It’s actually Sundanese food (West Java).

Overall, it was a great day and we had fantastic meals for both lunch and dinner. Though I personally think that we could have skipped Taman Ayun for other place. Not that it wasn’t impressive, the buildings were beautiful and had high historical value (it was a royal temple). They said they made lots of temples during the Dutch colonization to make strategies to attack and get back their land. But in Bali, temples (in local what is known as PURA) are everywhere. If you had a proper tour guide that can tell you the whole history then go for it. But in our case, we just had a driver that happened to know a little bit of history so we didn’t get a whole lot of information.

Thanks for reading this much! Next: DAY 3!

xo, Jo


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chris said...

thank you for us to discover, such beautiful places in photography is a dream for us european

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Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other

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Omg, this is absolutely gorgeous! Bali = this is my dream! ;-)
Great blog and I'm your new follower.
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Mimi said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us! bali looks so beautiful, i really want to go there someday! :)

p.s. can't wait to see day 3!

<3, Mimi
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April Cheung said...

looks like you had an amazing time!


Anonymous said...

I think it's definitely a must to visit some tourist spots when on a vacation. The blessing is super interesting. I like! :D

P.S. Thanks for checking out my Coachella Polyvore sets, love!

Lots of love, B
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Anonymous said...

fantastic photos!