Apr 28, 2012

Bali Trip – Day 3

Previous day in Bali: DAY 2

Hello peeps! Sorry for the delayed post. Been busy with job-hunting ugh :/ So let’s pick up where we left, shall we? DAY 3!

Pandawa Marine Adventures, Nusa Dua427939_10150745508818257_576513256_9375549_1321293141_n

On a sizzling hot day (I think you could fry an egg on the sand), we went for some water sports. I should say that Nusa Dua is not the best beach in Bali, but it is the market for water sports. We never thought that we would spend as much as USD$100 there, but we did. Just by recalling it makes my heart shrink.

1. Flying fish

Rating: 4.5/5. Yes, we flew! I recommend you wearing goggles though, if you dont want sea water to come in direct contact with your eyes.

2. Big maple (or Donut, if it’s for 2 persons)

Rating: 4.5/5. We didn’t get flipped over unlike Banana Boat, but it didn’t make it less fun! If my life jacket was not too huge, I would give it a 5/5.

3. Parasailing

Rating: 4/5. I wish it was longer!! It was just like 1 short round. It wasn’t as scary as I thought. I kinda liked the feeling of flying I guess :p  Only my girl friend and I chose this one coz we had never tried it before. While the guys decided to opt for water ski.

4. Water skiing

As I had expected, this thing was difficult, even for the boys. They said it was fun though, so maybe this could get 4/5. I knew if I went for it I would just be wasting my money haha. I have a bad balancing skill :p

5. Diving

Rating: 1/5. I’m not kidding, it was BAD. First, shouldn’t the suit cover the whole body? The bottom part was shorts and upper was short sleeved. I got nasty scratches and bruises afterwards. Second, the area was not good at all for underwater sightseeing. The water was not clear and the fishes were the types you could find in aquariums. Third, the guides didn’t let us to explore (not that I could move a lot but still). We were just holding on at one big coral. Fourth, one of the guides was rude! Fifth, I didn’t like the feeling of breathing from my mouth and my ears got plugged so bad. Sixth, it was freaking USD$44!!! Diving at Nusa Dua is definitely not recommended.

Blue Point561211_10150745391523257_576513256_9374983_1840851253_n

My favorite spot when I was in Bali!! So beautiful and we didn’t spend any cents. I wish we could’ve stayed longer and chilled at one of the cafes.

 405145_10150745398383257_576513256_9375003_32559437_n  523384_10150745394418257_576513256_9374992_1725576669_n

I like this shot a lot!!


Kecak dance!! Must see!!


Nasi Pecel Bu Tinuk, Kuta

A very affordable Javanese dinner.

Galuh Bali Spa, Kuta

It was my first spa experience! I liked the interior design and I guess it was worth the price (around USD$22)

Overall, we should’ve done diving first before the rest so we could make a better impression on the water sports thingy. For the 2 previous days, I really didn’t spend a lot and for the whole trip I spent most on the water sports. We were too greedy I guess haha. Even on this third day, our meals were really affordable. We had Mcd for lunch and USD$3 meal for dinner. Luckily we went to Blue Point, I simply loved that place :)

xo, Jo


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Looks like so much fun!


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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I want an I Heart Bali shirt haha. I'm sorry about the few bad experiences, but at least you had a lot of good ones. I would love to try parasailing and water skiing! :D

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