Apr 11, 2012

#TT76 Current favorite songs!

I know I’ve been missing waaayyy too many Tuneful Tuesdays, which therefore I made this list of my favorite songs for the past few months!


In order of which I discovered first =)

I don’t normally dig this type of music, but thanks to the contribution of Bruno Mars that makes this song quite favorable to my ears =) Surprisingly I quite like the lyrics haha, although it’s so NOT me. I wish I could be like that sometimes though =p


Cute song, funny video. I remember I straightaway tagged my bf on facebook after discovering it coz I think a games geek like him would like it hehe. Doesn’t it remind you of a movie? =)


I know you’re probably bored of this song already! But hey, admit it that this song is beautiful! Plus, I just came across of the official video and oh sweet mother of Jesus!! Taylor looks so prettyyyyyy!!! I totally love her with short bangs!  


Don’t know why Rupert Grin is in this but the song is good =) the voice doesn’t quite match Rupert’s face though! Haha.


Ed Sheeran againnn <3


Many people say that Katy wrote this song for her ex-husband (are they officially divorced yet?), but as for me I honestly don’t really care haha. I like it as it is a pretty powerful song, supported by the video of her being in an army. I’m not sure about her acting in the beginning though, I think she needs to improve on that lol.


This is one of the songs that only after you listen to the acoustic version you like the original version.


First heard this one on one of the latest 90210 episodes and I immediately got hooked on! LOVE IT =))


This one is officially my current “can’t-get-out-of-my-head” song!! The guy is so yummy *drools* hahaha. I keep singing this song till my bf is sick of it lol (right, babe?) ;)


Hope you liked this list!

By the way, I’m back home in Jakarta! YAY =D

xo, Jo


Mouthwash said...

I think you have the most awesome range of musical tastes woman! I love it.

Winda Tiodang said...
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Winda Tiodang said...
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Winda Tiodang said...
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Fabrizia said...

Such an amazing playlist!
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Ketty said...

Thank you hun for your sweet comment on my blog: http://chicmaniapourtoi.blogspot.com
and also thanks for following me I am now following you back.

I like your blog and i´ll be visiting it often:_)

xx ketty xx

Suzie Q said...

Great playlist! Just stumbled across your blog, it's so cute!!

Suzie Q
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