Oct 10, 2012

It's October?! (#90)

Hello lovelies!

Yes, I know it's been forever since my last post, which is WHY my playlist this time is longer than usual. I can't believe that I only have one post for September! 0.0 Sigh..

Anyways, enjoy! :)

Taylor Swift wrote a song for a boy who lost a battle with cancer. This song definitely shakes up your emotions at least a tiny bit!

New country boy that I feel has a great potential to be in the "Rising Artist" list. He has a character, plays many music instruments and possesses that cute little face. Not to mention that he has a catchy name. What else could you ask for, right? This song is just super sweet and I simply love the monochrome style of the music video. 

How I missed All Time Low!! Finally they're back with a new album "Don't Panic" which hit the stores yesterday! I really like the lyrics of this song. Totally can relate to some parts of it since I just started working!

Yes yes YESSS!!! I'm always excited when 2AM Club releases a new song :D I have to honestly say that this is not so much of my type of music but this band never failed to impress me :)

Seems like lots of artists are back with a new album this year. Ke$ha is definitely one of them! I think she shows more vocals in this song, which is good. I wanted to say that this song is so catchy but DUH, "catchy" is Ke$ha's middle name. 

ThePianoGuys' rendition for David Guetta's Titanium. A club song made into classical - how brilliant! I look up so much to these guys. They always combine today's songs with classical songs and every single cover turn out amazing. They are TRUE musicians, like really.

Finally the most anticipated song for a highly anticipated movie, "Skyfall" by Adele for the new James Bond movie. I really like how the instruments sound in this song - very "James Bond-ish" :P

Hope you enjoyed this playlist! Which one is your favorite?

xo, Jo

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