Oct 14, 2012

My 21st Birthday!

Hello peeps!

Just want to do a little recap on my birthday last month. I don’t know why it took me so long to do this post but yeah, better late than never, right?

So my birthday “celebration” started pretty early.

I got my first present from my mom in August when my parents came for a visit.


Thennnn a week prior to my birthday, me and boyfie went to Yellowcard concert, which was super awesome!! This one was my own present for myself :)


Oh, have I mentioned that I bought their album at a local CD store  week before the concert and found out that it’s AUTOGRAPHED?!


No, there wasn’t any contest or anything, it just.. happened! I didn’t know what to think! It’s legitimately real marker. To my disbelief, I had a thought that the staff might have done it.. but, really? Oh well, doesn’t matter how it was done, I just felt so lucky!!

On the actual birthday itself, my colleagues bought a cake and we had a mini celebration. Most of them were away for a business trip though, so there were only few people left in the office. But I still appreciated it! :)


Later in the evening, I met up with my friends for my birthday dinner. It was a F1 weekend, so the cabs were all fully booked and the train was loaded with F1-goers. My last option? Call my friend to pick me up! :D




IMG_7849Showing off my new bracelet, thus my weird hand position :p

After dinner, we were ready to hit the casino. But before that went to the locker area to put our stuff. Well, my presents hehe. Then… I saw a box.


I seriously thought it was someone else’s belonging left behind! Then my boyfie gave me that smile. OH Winking smile, his surprise was successful, yay!


IMG_7906LOL my face.

And nowww…, casino time!


I only bet $5 on the slot machine coz I was a chicken like that. Wait, what? No, I was just being conservative. I’m always conservative haha. Also, since it was my very first time entering the casino, I did a lot of observation, because I didn’t understand a thing! I suck at playing cards or whatever that needs strategies lol. So I wanted to fully understand the games first before actually putting my money. At the end I roughly understood 2 of them though. But I didn’t play..hmm perhaps next time!!

IMG_0681This year is loaded with jewelleries!! And skincare products..haha


But this one’s got to be my favorite ;)

Thanks for everyone who made the effort to make my 21st birthday memorable! I love y’all! <3


xo, Jo

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trishie said...

Love the lock and key earrings. Looks like a lovely celebration. Happy belated Birthday!