Aug 7, 2013

In The Mail: Essie In The Cab-ana + Marshmallow


Recently I’ve been quite addicted to online shopping and while hunting for some fashion stuff from ASOS, I tried my luck to search for Essie nailpolishes on the site, since there’s no retail selling Essie in Singapore, and apparently ASOS sells them! But the prices made my jaw drop to the ground.


They sell it for SGD21.57 each and pretty much lack of choice of colors. I know Sephora Singapore sells OPI around 20 bucks too (I assume the quality would be the same) but via online everything should be relatively cheaper, right?

So I extended my Essie hunt till I arrived at this local Ebay-like shop, Qoo10, which was not actually foreign to me but somehow I just never explored it and found a vendor that sells a wide range of Essie products for reasonable prices! And so, I decided to get 2 colors from them. Each was SGD11.50, plus delivery fee everything was SGD24.50. YAY.


First of all, apologies that my nails are far from decent. My cuticles are just really dry no matter what I do to them. I need to keep my nails short as well since my face gets rashes if my nails are dirty (longer nails tend to store more dirt) as I touch my face a lot. Also, because I play the electone. Piano/organ players out there would understand :)

Marshmallow is an opaque, cloudy type of white, which I prefer compared to the porcelain white kind. I actually saw this color from Bubzbeauty on YouTube and thought that it’s really nice :)


While In The Cab-ana, is an oceanic blue color which I thought would be bright but the result is actually a little darker than I had expected. It's got a little of green hint into it although in the picture above is like true blue color. I still like it though!

I like the liquidy consistency in general, although Marshmallow is really sheer for a single coat.

The other colors that I wanted to get but unavailable in Qoo10 is this orangish red color, Geranium..

and this gorgeous dark plum color, Sole Mate. The color in the picture does not really reflect the actual color though, since I’ve researched for bloggers that have tried this and it looks pretty different, and nicer too!

Have you tried any of these colors from Essie before?

Do let me know! :)

xo, Jo

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