Aug 9, 2013

My first shopping experience with OASAP!

I’m going to tell you something quite shocking.. Are you ready?


Not only was this my first shopping experience with OASAP, but it was also my very first time doing fashion online shopping!

The previous post on my Essie purchase was actually after this purchase, it’s just it was quicker to post so I posted that first. All that I’ve purchased online last time was only music CDs and it was using my dad’s credit card. But since I’m a *cough* grown up *cough* now, I use my own and it feels great! :D


My first experience was not what I expected, although it turned out fine at the end. Here’s the story:

I’ve seen many bloggers doing OASAP giveaway and it drew me to check out their site and I’m glad that I did, because I liked a lot of things they have there!

But since this was my first time, I wanted to judge the quality myself and thus I purchased only 2 items.


The first one is this pair of galaxy leggings. I really like the colors, I think it’s really cool! I didn’t expect the material would be this light though, but in fact I quite like it since it’s suitable to wear in a hot weather like in Singapore. What I didn’t quite like though was the stitches. They gave me the impressions that it can be ripped easily with my fat bum, though it’s a one size. 

IMG_0349Galaxy Print Leggings

I’ve worn once and now I think they’re pretty strong despite its look. The exact same pair is no longer available in the website, but there are many similar ones available, take a look here.

Now comes the second item..

I’ve been wanting to have a small brown bag and when I saw this, I immediately FELL IN LOVE. This was not the brown I first wanted, but I just knew I needed to get it nonetheless. So I did.

IMG_0352Vintage Flower Embossed Shoulder Bag #1

I was pretty excited when I held it on my hands, I really like the details on the bag. Oh, but wait, do you notice something odd with it? Like, the SHAPE? It is slightly taller towards the right side and I was like, whaaaaat?


Not to mention that the stitches are messy and the sides of the bag are VERY wrinkled. I thought it was just because the bag got pressed too long in the package for many days during shipping so I stuffed in papers and plastics to make it fuller, in hope that it would turn to its original shape. It did get slightly better, the pics above are the results. So yes, initially it was worse.

But still, I was still bothered by the shape. It’s really not pretty and I was really disappointed. I was thinking whether to return it or not, but if I needed to pay for the return shipping, I wouldn’t do it. But anyways, I decided to contact the staff via live chat and to my surprise, she was surprised that I did not receive the package in a box (it was my first time, I had no idea it has to come in a box lol). The second pic of this post was the original package that I first received. She asked me to email with the pics but I got busy and only sent the email like 2 weeks later.

Then they replied with a satisfactory answer – they have despatched a new bag via express shipping just before I emailed them. I guess my live chat messages were convincing enough to make them do so haha.

So this is what I got. It came with a box as shown in the first pic of this post.

IMG_0426Vintage Flower Embossed Shoulder Bag #2

Yay the bag looks balanced! LOL. I still can comment on the stitches (yes, I’m particular and perfectionist like that), but it’s much better than the previous one.


I honestly had not bought a fashion-y bag that looks really structured (if you know what I mean) before, so I guess little imperfections like messy stitches and wrinkled material are normal? Do let me know with your experiences since I’m not so much of a bag/shoes person.

However, I still don’t think it’s worth the money. I don’t know.. it was USD35 and I guess with that amount of money I can get a better one else where. What do you think?

So I’m not sure whether I’ll be shopping with OASAP again. Their service is great though and I do have several items on the wishlist from their site. I just think ASOS has better quality, I just received my ASOS package recently and I’m fully satisfied (haul soon!). So yeah, we’ll see!

Have you shopped with OASAP before? How was your experience like?

xo, Jo


Mira Ennen said...

Wow impressed by your header!

loving-evelyn said...

I have never purchased anything from them but from what I see they have poor quality