Aug 25, 2013

Freeman Sexy Review + First Impressions

IMG_0363 edit

I was UBER excited when I saw this at my local drug store, because it was out of stock for a long time, and surprisingly, it seems like only this particular branch sells them.

At first I only saw the travel size ones, but when I was paying at the cashier, I saw the actual size products. I still got the sachets though, since this is my first time trying this brand after hearing so many good reviews about it.

Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask photo

The pictures below shall explain my experience using the Cucumber Peel-Off Mask!

Disclaimer: Yes, this is how I normally look like after my evening shower. Wet messy hair (not even bothered to blow dry it), towel on my neck, pyjamas in action, and my pinkish complexion (will go away after 15mins or so). So EXCUSE ME :) In fact as I’m writing this, I’m pulling off this look haha!

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The time when I applied this, my skin was really dry for some reason, so it was more patchy and flaky. The consistency of the product was really thick, in fact it’s like a glue! A little tricky in application but it was all good. The fragrance was not that heavy, it was actually like fresh cucumber, but more to “formulated” cucumber, if you get what I mean.

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How long the mask takes to dry out depends on how thick the application is. Mine took around 10-15 mins. Then you could start peeling it off, which is my favorite part.

IMG_0438 edit

It’s really like a thin soft paper. Reminds me of Vietnamese rice paper! Lol.

IMG_0439 edit

Having too much fun.. I showed this to my bf and he was completely grossed out haha.

IMG_0442 edit

I feel like a snake! Bye bye impurities! I tried my best not to tear the peeled off mask and I did it! It looks like a panty LOL.

IMG_0445 edit

My skin felt refreshed, rejuvenated and plump! It was so soft to touch and I LOVED it!

Few tips to take note when applying peel-off mask:
- Tie your hair
- Avoid application on eyebrows and sideburns
- Make sure you do the 2 things above because I obviously didn’t and had a hard time removing it from my hair and brows!

Apricot Creamy Facial Scrub photo

As for the Apricot Creamy Scrub, I’m as satisfied. It’s SO soft and creamy, very gentle on the skin (even sensitive skin like mine), plus, it smells so yummy!

I definitely recommend these 2 products! They’re made of natural ingredients, great for skin and so affordable! I can’t wait to try other Freeman masks and scrubs!

Have you tried Freeman products before?

xo, Jo


trishie said...

The cucumber mask sounds great! Your skin does look more radiant and healthier.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I'm a fan of the Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Mask. I'd love to try the Cucumber Mask. Your skin looks nice and refreshed after you used it :) Thanks for the review!

Rowena @ rolala loves

loving-evelyn said...

looks like a great product