Mar 10, 2014

Vietnam Trip Day 2 & 3

Previously in Vietnam: DAY 1


Hello lovelies!

I don’t know what took me so long to post this up, but anyways here it is!

The second day of my Vietnam adventure started very early, as early as 5.30AM. The reason is because my friend, Lan, booked a weekend trip to another city called Phan Thiet with a tour so we needed to gather at the travel office that early. The trip itself took us about 6 hours! The highway is like a normal road, which explains the 6-hour road trip.

The travel company was Vietravel and overall the service was good. Probably a couple things that they could improve is to get their tour guides speak English aside from Vietnamese (I was pretty much sleeping during the entire trip since I didn’t understand a single word the tour guide said) and to acquire better mini-buses (the seats were too narrow and it was hard to be comfortable for such a long trip).

We stopped at a restaurant for pho noodles and Vietnamese coffee breakfast! The pho was descent, but the coffee was really good. It was strong but not espresso-type of strong and FYI I dislike espresso. It was thick and they filled a quarter of the cup just enough to make us awake in the morning.


Pretty much what my view was during the trip – dragonfruit trees and palm trees! And cute little houses.


After 6 hours of snoozes, snacking and chatting, we finally arrived Phan Thiet! Wine Castle was our first stop.


This place is the official replica of the original Napa Valley winery. The wines are sold with factory price. Pretty good deal but instead Lan and I bought beers and snacks lol. I guess we’re not that fancy haha. Overall, it’s a pretty cool place.


Afterwards, we went to have lunch and checked in at Ocean Star Resort which is just at the Mui Ne Beach and… took a nap lol.


Recharged and we went off to Red Sand Dunes.


Sliding off the top of the dunes!!




Your hair and entire body will be so sandy even if you just walk around. The wind was so strong! You’ll get that beach hair volume that feels yucky, but it’s all worth it :)


Dinner at Hoa Vien (Beer Garden?).


The next day we just chilled and swam at the beach before heading back to Ho Chi Minh.



HAHA! I love this picture :’D


Goodbye Mui Ne! Goodbye Phan Thiet!


We spent the rest of the day on the road and when we finally reached Ho Chi Minh, we went to a fabulous pho restaurant nearby our apartment for dinner. Too bad I didn’t bring any photo taking devices as we were riding motorbikes! Felt like a true Vietnamese haha. After dinner, we walked around to see the flower outdoor exhibition to see the pretty flowers and orange trees ready for Chinese New Year celebration.

Next: DAY 4!

xo, Jo

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