Feb 4, 2009

welcome to february

is it the first post in february? oh yea, i think so.lol.
term 2 has started. the subjects on this term are not that hard, luckily. even im bored already with business management, this time is the part 2, i've learned the part 1 in PC program. will there be part 3? hope not. it'd be all the same topics. -.-"
for economics, it's quite interesting ^^ and i like the lecturer as well. hope i can obtain an A for exam,haha..oh correction : As. lol.
oh oh, guess what? i've got a new room, nananana.. haha.. the flat looks old and kinda creepy from outside, but inside is surprisingly wide and spacious ^^. and i got a single room, quite big, facing the road side, it's not next to bathroom though, so i shouldnt drink much at night.haha.
i paid the deposit yesterday, the landlady is nice and such a fun person.and i think she's friends with the agent who advertises the flat. they were like talking and laughing just like typical aunties,lol.
my housemate is a hongkong working lady, but now she's in new york for holiday. my guess : she's rich. haha..cuz the landlady said her relatives are in new york and she travels quite a lot. looking around the house, her stuff is really little. there was nothing in the fridge but a bottle of wine. cool..i wanna see her in person soon~
oh oh! finally today i asked alex about the poster in burger king. it's really him! models are around me~~ haha..my eyes are always right XD. so lucky for him that he can work, i thought all students in private schools cant work, but he said europeans can.(what?) so strange. looking forward for the next advertisement poster of his.lol.
this week im really really busy, always have something to do after class. fewhh..tired,,will start moving my stuff at the end of this month..
oh gosh my roommate is laughing like a piggy, u know like doing those "short breaths" lol.
in shopping malls, and even in campus, lots of pinky and sweet stuff have started being sold. in jewelry shops, many sets of gifts are being offered. and i just realized that valentine's day is around the corner. hope chocolates will be running into my pockets,haha.. this year the date is so perfect cuz it's on saturday night. i think i don't wanna go out that night..looking at couples having dinner will make me envious.haha..*why u're not here,eh?!*
p.s i still accept things via post.lolll~

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