Feb 24, 2009


I had a test for economics today.
damn it! i couldn't finish it.
maybe because i wrote too much on the previous questions.
i just can't control to stop writing a lot when i actually describe about something well, though the question said "write a short answer". -.-"
so at the end, the last question, which actually carried the most marks, i didn't give enough points. HAISH!
after test, it was supposed to be followed by a class, but the teacher said,
"my voice is gone today, so i can't talk much. anyway you guys are a bit ahead (of the syllabus), so i shall dismiss you now."
yeepee~~ =)
me n friends were planning to eat fast food yesterday. i had not eaten fast food for ages, so i was craving for it =p and i was planning to practice afterwards, but stupid yamaha counter never picked up my calls, so i didn't go today. ugh.
and just now i called again for tomorrow's practice, finally someone picked up, but i only can book the room for an hour. 'great'
and oh shit im getting so fat,,big appetite came for no reasons >,<
and i guess some of my friends realized it too. 'thanks for reminding'
im being emo these days, somehow. and some more my plans didn't go well, which i had taken a lot of time to think of.
i need HELP. i just cant do everything by my own at the moment.

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