Feb 16, 2009

Just living a life as a student~

Why are there so many concerts that I wanna watch coming around the same time?
I have limited budget!!
I subscribe newsletters from the japanese embassy since I attended the 'unit asia' concert sponsored by it. Since october last year, I think I didn't get any emails from them, but suddenly from the beginning of this month, emails keep flowing from them. There's one show, it's a classical music concert and there will be japanese children choir will be performing. I really want to see..they must be so cute ^^ haha.. but, ever since I knew that Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is having a concert next month, I've decided to save money for it =) but the consequences, I can't attend the others =((
There's one more concert that I actually want to go. It's a choir of german school boys: St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig. Their voices are soo good..and they're cute as well~^^haha.. here is a video of them performing :

St. Matthew Passion

Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

Big applause! lol~
I like their uniforms, look like sailors' ones XD they remind me of my primary school uniform ^^
Actually when they sing their faces are kinda funny, lol, well it's because they're really serious about it. I'm quite amazed to be honest, realizing that many kid-teen boys who have a passion in singing in a choir, really exist =)
I saw sistic website just now, it says that video recording is allowed! So, I think I'll just wait 'til someone post it in youtube. lol.
but still, I wanna see them in persons, I wanna go to the backstage and take pictures with those amazing singers ^^

I gave my friends chocolates today ^^ I'm still such a typcial high school girl =pp

After class we gathered to do a group assignment in my apartment. Earlier we tried to do at campus but somehow my thumbdrive can't be opened at the library pc -.-

After we decided to call it a day, hilarious pictures were captured! XD

Had a pretty good time today~! ^^


Yee said...

>.< ur last pic is freaky. >.< LOL.

.:JoaNNa:. said...

i know! lol. we purposely grinned so we would look more like glow-in-the-dark skeletons, lol!

Yee said...

LOL! creepy pic... >.< i m so gonna get nightmare every night cos of ur creepy pic... i m gonna sue u!

.:JoaNNa:. said...

anyway we havent chatted for ages!
i need to ask u about the cbox xp