Feb 14, 2009

Feliz Dia de San Valentin!

choco choco choco!
i'm craving for chocolates~!
yeah, today is 'el dia de los enamorados' (the day for lovers) XD
After having my spanish class, oh actually it was a test today. overall it was good. i was really happy when i saw the second question and realized that i just did it this morning from the exercise book XD. and i think i made an effort for my speaking test by including "un espejo grande" for the second or third question.lol.
I met up with my housemate to have a lunch. Gosh, i think today I saw most of the girls were bringing flowers or box of chocolates in their hands. -.-

The days before the valentine's :
I bought a newspaper on Monday and started reading it, but until this moment I haven't finished it,lol. I was too busy, preparing for spanish test and many other stuff.
o yea! That day, me and Joan went to plaza singapura, looking for a present for her boyfriend for valentine's day. We went up to the top floor, where the cinema is (never been there before), then I just knew that there are many shops that sell anime stuff, and guess what? I saw cardcaptor sakura's magic stick! gyaaaa~! it's the old version one though, but OMG OMG! LOL.
I've been looking for this for so many years and finally I found it. But the stick is quite short, I think it's for children's one,lol.who cares =pp
It's expensive though -.-, around 48 bucks..sigh.
I'm also looking for the cards. Once my friend said kinokuniya has them, but so far I haven't seen it directly, just saw from the internet..
and a movie of kou shibasaki is coming soon~~ I forgot what's the title though,lol.

concert demanded : Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!


Yee said...

add Cbox there lor~~~ LOLOL.

.:JoaNNa:. said...

yea i want to!
but im still confused -.-
i'll ask u again when we chat on msn k ^^