Feb 7, 2009

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I really have nothing to write these days.. I just have no intention to do so.. it's weird. Next week, the day of Valentine's will be my first spanish test. agh..feeling nervous..natalia said it will be 'muy facil' but im still nervous..i'd better prepare it well the days before. today at the end of the class, she let us listen to a song for listening practice. i like this kind of practice =)
the song was 'fotografia' by juanes and nelly furtado. it's a good song, intend to download it but my limewire's connection is lousy at the moment -.-
i found a new source of downloading songs, Imesh, but apparently I found that the songs can't be saved, so we have to burn to a cd or it's just simply a player. they have the songs from youtube, cuz every song has a video from it. however i'm too lazy to burn a cd so I think I'll just wait til the limewire works well again. I really want to download this song by mihimaru GT (japanese group). it's a soundtrack of doraemon the movie, the one about the magic world? i forgot what's the real title but when the first time I listened to this song I just loved it.
I'm currently still watching 'bloody monday'. Gosh, episode 6 is so annoying..and sad also because Saori died =( so many traitors are revealed.ugh..this drama is all about traitors and stupid people who try to become "God" *kamisama*. The story line is similar to 'death note : L changed the world'. those non-sense jokers create a virus and try to spread around the world. they have the anti-virus so they can become "God". so stupid, right? why japanese movie/drama writers come up with this idea? there may have some people who actually think about this, perhaps? (bakka~!)
I didn't have a good sleep last night =( distracted by my roommate who came back in the dawn after clubbing and she thinks she's the only person who occupies the room. i was freezing throughout the night! *bbrrrrrr* luckily im moving out next month, thank God.
and in the afternoon, I got a really bad tummyache after my lunch. =(
oh, i have this friend, she actually behaves like someone but i just can't figure out who it is. from the actions, the expressions, almost everything..hmm..i think it's someone from middle school, but I almost forgot most of them xp
this friend really has a loud and clear voice, lol. i don't know whether she realizes that her voice is actually loud, but i'm kinda embarrassed when she speaks damn loudly in front of public -.-" and one more thing is she thinks that she's really pretty or something. well, to be honest she's not that bad, but..hmm..you sure know what i mean right? (lol, to whom am i talking xp) i think if she has a boyfriend now i'm quite sure that my perception of her will be right. she's just one of 'those girls' whom i can't explain how. one clue is she does listen and care what people simply say. she told me last time she used to be fatter but after one of her friends said something like "you're getting too fat" so she went on diet like crazy. maybe her friend didn't really mean it right? so u know what i mean now? lol~
and now everyone can see the results of course, she's skinny, however, i think she'd look better if she gains weight a bit for a balance. because, no offense, her head and her body don't seem really balance. i think because she lost too much weight. moreover her face is wide but she still permed her hair. tips for girls who have a big face : don't perm your hair! it will look way wider on you.

well, at first i said that i had nothing to say but in fact i wrote quite a lot,lol~~

movie wanted : Inkheart =)

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