Mar 5, 2009

Say Hi to the new place =)

Finally! I managed to get into internet~! YAA-TAAAAAAA~~~~! ;D
i miss you my blog! muahh muuaaahhh!! LOL.
Ok, it starts from last Sunday which was the day that I moved to a new place. This new place has its pros and cons.

Pros :
- i have my own room
- and it's BIG!
- my landlord and housemates are quite good ^^
- view of pine trees (and the road,lol) through the window
- bunch of food stalls around! XD
- amenities : checked
- direct buses to church, bugis (for spanish class)and plaza singapura (electone class)

Cons :
- 4th floor and no lifts! (it's killing me but it's good for some workout ;D)
- there's a building construction opposite, the noise is damn annoying =(
- my rental fee is excluded electricity-water bills and internet connection (that's why i have to get the internet on my own)
- some ageing people here cant speak friggin' english!
- it's a normal HDB flat, so there's no security
- and the blocks are kind of too close to the roads, the traffic noise is kinda irritating sometimes
- owner doesnt provide microwave and rice-cooker -.- luckily my housemate wanna share her iron XD

well well, i am super super busy these days cuz of the new place. freaking tired..and my ez-link card is finishing damn fast! -.-"
tomorrow is the last day of term 2..sooo fast..
o yeah! this evening i was so surprised when i got the results slip from MDIS. it's the term 1's results. and guess what? I got both As again! gyaaaa~~!!!! Thank you God! i really didnt expect it.


jk said...

mwahhh... looks like some of the cons are also pros:) u can work out walkin stairs,i can carry u if i hv chance..only if u allow :(

.:JoaNNa:. said...

ummm -.- no comment.. dot dot dot.. but the previous place is also tiring, cuz itz at the hill haha~

jk said...

the hill that got me lost -.-''