Mar 21, 2009

During the super short break..

4 days-break? what kind of break is this?
but i'm actually fine with it though, i don't like staying at home for so long.
yesterday i just realized that my headphones had gone. I was searching all over the room yet couldn't find it. then something came up in my mind, " it?"
then i grabbed my phone, texted a message and sent!
after i got a reply i finally knew where it was.
darn her, we met so many times in campus but she didn't give me. in fact she ignored me lately.
"i always forget to give you" she said. shut it woman, what a lame excuse.
bet she would've never given it back if i didn't ask. she used it more than i did, talked online at nights disturbing my sleeps and just took it from my table without asking first.
so i guess she really wanna take it as her own. i gotta clean it properly before i use, feel disgusted somehow. because of looking for the headphones, i was late to go to meet my friends -.-

faye got her hair cut. same style but the hairstylist made her look like an obasan~! LOL, even she admitted. i just said "matured" instead of "old" XD. mine is due on tuesday! ^^

just now my spanish teacher told us that she met Pharrel! I did know about Mosaic concert in Esplanade, but I never thought that Pharrel would come. then she said that she went backstage after the concert (she was very excited and talked funnily,lol. love her and her spanish^^) and met face-to-face with him and took picture. so lucky~ it brings back my regrets of not meeting RJA :C . Next time no matter how tired i am, how late it is and how impossible it would be, i must go to the backstage! *flaming eyes* lol~

anywayss.. i'm still thinking about going to shanghai with my friends this summer holiday, hmm..

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