Mar 11, 2009

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Concert!!!

finally i watched RJA concert! and it was freaking awesomeee!!
my ex-housemate was supposed to go with me and gerard but unfortunately she couldn't make it cuz she said she was sick =( so only me and gerard were rocking out last night XD
we came there like an hour before and the queue was already long!
after we went inside we were waiting til around 8 then the opening band came up and performed. it was a local band which i don't know and had no idea what the hell they were singing =x lol.
there was a moment when the lead singer suddenly went nearby the audience and like stood at the fence and the people started to touch his head and messed up his hair, LOL.
i wasn't interested at all in watching them, i didn't come for them!
after they had finished performing (finally), we still had to wait for another hour til RJA eventually came up and performed.
There were these crazy fellas who'd gone freaking hyper when the drums started beating hardly. They were like jumping and pushing each other, losing control and they kinda freaked me out -.-
Especially there was this guy, he was really having a great time on his own. He was like trying to get people to pump himself upwards and when the people who carried him were unstable, the guard saw it and tried to stop it. hahaa..
I tried to record and take pictures as many as I could. Some pictures turned out great but the videos are kinda
I was dying to take pictures with them and to get their autographs but at the end I didn't get them =(( cuz I also didn't know how to get to them since there were guards around. But!!! Just now I saw in Myspace that there's a girl who took pictures with them! what the hell!! Gerard! We should've not gone back home so fast! =(( or maybe she met them before the show, i don't know, but still.. I missed the chance :( Next time when there's another performance, I must see them one-to-one! lol.
My throat feels weird now and my right jaw hurts but I had a blast~! =DD

All the waitings are worth it =)

Ticket and entrance pass =)

The best time in 2009 so far! XD

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