Mar 25, 2009

Estoy confundido ..

Yesterday I finally got my hair cut after 4 months back ago getting my hair cut in jakarta. It is not 100% exactly what I wanted but after considering the price and the result, it was worth it after all. I may be going back again for perm XP

The back part is quite short now, I look more like a kid haha~

New term has started and im gonna be busy again.
business law's lecturer really scared us as he said that many students failed his subject.
i thought the law that we're studying was supposed to be british law (as the course is programmed originally from UK) but apparently it is singaporean law and it's kinda strange, funny and creepy in many ways. one thing for sure is that they fine A LOT. but the hanging and caning punishments are really cruel. it is good though for the country as we can see now the crime rate is low, but it is far from humanism. aghh listening to that part today got me goosebumps """

Assignments had been given out and I'm kinda upset about something related to them, it's not about the assignments themselves but it's because of a classmate. He knew that I got good results for my previous exams so he wants to 'use' me (and joan, cuz we're in one group). For marketing, he wanted to join us as 3 persons are allowed and i know DEFINITELY that he won't do a thing and will just include his name and get the external benefits from us. and for business law, he wants us to help to search for the information as he said that he's going back to china for certain period of time. well, it's his problem right? why the heck i have to help him, moreover when i asked him why he wanna go back and he gave me a naive answer, "to play". =.="""!!!
there's no way im gonna help him, though we joke and laugh together as classmates sometimes but it is not what you call by "helping", isn't it? and he made some kind of agreement stating that if we help him he will drive us from huang zhou airport (or something like that) to shanghai when me and joan go there for holiday and treat us for the meals. i'm not bothered with that kind of so-called conditions though. if joan still accepts it then let her help by herself, i don't have time to do other people's work. i would join faye's group for marketing and the other one i would just do alone. im not trying to be mean but it's for his own good so that he won't be one of those pathetic losers. some people just know how to use friends in times when they need for their own benefits.

*sorry i made the end of this post sounds kinda bitter (again) but that's what's going on now :(

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