Mar 28, 2009

Earth Hour!

The darkness surrounds me now, only in my room though XD
too bad my housemate doesn't want to participate =(
I wish people in singapore could be more earth conscious (haha is that the right word to say? lol)
I like things related to saving the earth or animals ;) i hope i can join some organisations like WWF one day. I remembered back in junior high, my school invited those people from WWF Indonesia to give a one-day seminar about the wild animals. Somehow every student became a junior member and got this cute junior membership card XD. since then I started to be aware of these things.
And that is why I loved geography in high school ;) aww i wish i could study more about it..miss it sooo much XD. I hope that those organisations create more of this kind of event so that people will be more aware of energy saving and global warming. Save our earth, people!
I'm happy that I participated this,
I vote the Earth! ^^

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